The prevailing Coronavirus situation has impacted every aspect of our day-to-day lives, including the beauty industry. Visiting a salon might not be your cup of tea to treat brassy hair. So, we have decided to bring you a report on how to tone brassy hair at home. Come and join us; let’s discuss two of the easiest home remedies you can do in the comfort of your home.

How to Tone Brassy Hair at Home?

Before we talk about remedies, let’s take a minute and see what actually causes brassy hair. First of all, you should know irrespective of the type of hair you have; there is a slight brassy undertone. When you are using artificial methods to lighten the color of the hair, there is a possibility of this slight brassy undertone becoming more significant and apparent.

This is a pretty frustrating situation to be in, but fortunately, there are some simple rectification methods available to come out of this horrible state. There are loads of products in the market to cure this issue. However, finding the correct toner might not be as straightforward as it sounds, especially when you don’t have adequate knowledge of the subject.

So, you saw we mentioned toner in the above paragraph. The next question that hit the mind is what is a toner, isn’t it? Let’s talk about it.

What is Toner?

Simply put, a toner can reduce the annoying yellow and orange in hair. It is the most preferred solution for those who suffer from bleaching issues. In addition, a toner is way efficient and safe compared to methods like re-bleaching. There are several sorts of toners, and a few of them are mentioned below for your observation.

How to Tone Brassy Hair at Home - Toner Recipes
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Salon toners

If you have the luxury of visiting a salon, there are toners in salons to lighten your hair. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a bleaching issue; salons have treatments even you are suffering from shampoo-related brassy hair problems.

However, you have to consider one important thing regardless of where and how you get toners. That is, most products do take several uses to provide the results you anticipate. So, we see there is no point in paying big bucks for a salon seeking solutions when you have easy options in your home.

Toners in stores

There is no shortage of hair toners in hair stores, including both affordable and expensive products. But, the downside of such products is that you cannot really have a guarantee of the results and could easily end up wasting money and inviting more severe problems.

Shampoo products

It’s a no-brainer explaining the variety of shampoo toners. Similar to store-brought products, hair shampoos too can be a waste of money and time given you have no experience with it. Also, the color of hair can go terribly wrong with certain products.

Homemade toners

Since we are talking about how to tone brassy hair at home, this is the solution we recommend you to use in this article. Homemade toners are a budget-friendly method to deal with brassy hair and often provide the best results as well. The best part of these toners is that they contain little to no harmful chemical compounds, and the preparing process also is not something that you need to worry about.

How to Tone Brassy Hair Home Toner Recipes. What is Toner & Toners Explained
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How to Tone Brassy Hair at Home – Toner Recipes.

Let’s see a couple of homemade hair toners for brassy hair.

Apple cider vinegar toner

You can easily make this toner by blending equal amounts of apple cider vinegar and water. A mixture of half a cup would enough for most hair types. First, apply and rinse your choice of shampoo and conditioner. Then apply the apple cider vinegar to the scalp and massage using the fingertips, and finally, wash the hair thoroughly.

Special note: Apple cider vinegar can bring a strong scent (it stinks!), and make sure you give a proper wash.

Baking soda toner

For this toner, you will need 1/2tsp of purple and blue food coloring, 1tsp of baking soda, and a shampoo that is free of sulfate. First, put an adequate amount of shampoo (enough to cover all your hair) and add all the other ingredients. Now stir the mix using a stirring stick until all the compounds mix well in the bowl.

Then, apply the paste to the hair and leave it at least 20 minutes before you wash; you can use this baking soda toner instead of shampoo as well.

Special note: Do not overpower the mixture using too much food coloring, especially the purple color. If you use more than the recommended amount, the coloring can stain the hair for several days.

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How to tone brassy hair at home? It is not a question for you anymore, right? This is kind of a short article as we wanted to keep everything simple for our readers. If you have questions left unanswered, please shoot us a message. We will respond to it ASAP; thanks and have a great day!

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