Around 2014-2015, the boyfriend jeans were reimagined as the girlfriend jeans. They’re becoming increasingly fashionable right now, thanks in large part to the epidemic lifestyle and the more casual looks being worn by online influencers.

Compared to mom jeans, girlfriend jeans are popular for many girls and young women since they feel more youthful and less constrained by social norms. Having a pair of girlfriend jeans in your closet is a no-brainer because they can be dressed up or down for every occasion.

Why do they call them Girlfriend Jeans?

As the name implies, girlfriend jeans are a more feminine version of boyfriend jeans.
In addition to boyfriend jeans, there are girlfriend jeans, sometimes known as “boy-fit” or “slim boyfriend jeans,” that can be worn for casual use. The shapes and characteristics of this pant flatter feminine curves while maintaining the laid-back vibe of the boyfriend version.

Different styles and washes can be used to degrade them, but you’ll almost always connect them with a light wash, sometimes with cuts and fake abrasion.

Are Girlfriend Jeans high-waisted?

They have a higher waist and a slouchier fit through the thighs; they look better when worn with tapered legs.

While the boyfriend jeans are slimmer, the girlfriend jeans feature an extra inch or so of legroom, making them more comfortable for the wearer.

How to wear Girlfriend Jeans?

Cropped and full-length girlfriend jeans both feature tapered legs for a slimmer look.
The hems may be pulled up for a more casual look, and they’ll never go out of style.
Since girlfriend jeans have a higher waist and are less restricting than other jean styles, they’re ideal for women of all sizes and shapes. They’ll allow you to move freely and comfortably without restricting your figure.

How to wear Girlfriend Jeans

A stylish societal response to the desire for more comfort, mom jeans vs girlfriend jeans is not an age-old generational conflict.

Even though the original denim fabric was designed to be strong and long-lasting, many women began searching for a way to feel free without giving up their beloved pair of jeans.

It’s a fascinating story about how these two styles of jeans came to be on the market, but in separate decades, and to the big screen.

Here, we’re going to show you how to find the best one for you, how to get the most fabulous look, and how to get the best value for your money.

  • A pair of “mom jeans” would be those worn by your mother while at home or on a quick errand.
  • A laid-back style characterizes these pants because of their unpretentiousness and comfort.
  • In general, mom jeans have a higher waist, a wider hip, and a wider thigh circumference.
  • Belt loops or an elastic band help cinch the waist. However, the zipper area is left far too open.
  • Unlike other types of jeans, this one does not restrict the body or expose too much skin.

Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks to this ease. The high and long rear pockets flatten and disproportionately accentuate the buttocks while adding extra wrinkles to the front.

Despite being seen as old-fashioned, mom jeans can nonetheless have an undeniable cool element. We’ll walk you through the process in this section.

The secret to wearing your mom’s jeans is updating and modernizing them so that they don’t look like they belong in your mother’s closet.

Cardigans and sweatshirts should never be worn with mom jeans!

To avoid giving your mom’s jeans a “mature look,” avoid wearing anything too formal or substantial like these. Try tucking a plain T-shirt, a shirt, or a sweater into the high waist. White shirts with modest or old logos and tie-dye sweaters look terrific together.

What are Girlfriend Jeans? How to Wear? Girlfriend Jeans vs. Mom's Jeans

Girlfriend Jeans vs. Mom’s Jeans

It’s easy to see the differences between mom and girlfriend jeans, but knowing what to look for in a pair might be confusing.

The mom jeans are ideal for casual use with a loose and roomy fit. There is a sense that these garments are meant to be freeing and breathable.

Although this comfort has an extreme downside: a lack of body shape, it’s worth noting. On the other hand, the girlfriend jeans are designed to fit the curves of young women.

Comfortable between the legs, they are slightly straighter on hips and thighs but less constrictive in their definition of a woman’s lower body.

The Hips

Mom jeans’ outdated image is primarily due to their high waist. High-waisted jeans tend to make a person’s tummy appear larger and more wrinkled. There are low, mid, and high waist jeans in addition to the girlfriend jean’s high waist.

How Long Is It?

The cropped length is another fundamental feature of traditional mom jeans. It is common for their broad, tapered legs to be ankle-length, but they can also be pre-rolled or rollable.

When it comes to wearing alternatives, girlfriend jeans are more versatile than regular jeans. From full-length to cropped lengths, they are available in various styles.

The Fabric

In addition to their light cotton fabric and light blue wash, mom jeans’ comfort can be found in their material. If you look back to ’90s films and shows, the teen mom jean appeared to be more durable. Black, medium tones, and varying levels of fabric stress have replaced the basic wash for a more youthful aesthetic. The girlfriend jeans are identical to their male counterparts in style.

As with boyfriend jeans, the fabric is thicker and can be worn in various ways; it may also be distressed or worn in multiple washes to make it adaptable and fun.

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