If you are a fashion lover, no wonder you have heard about Cyberpunk Fashion before. However, some of you might not have a clear idea about what Cyberpunk Fashion really is. In this article, we are going to talk about some of the essential details you want to know about cyberpunk fashion. Let’s get into it.

What is Cyberpunk Fashion?

Cyberpunk fashion is a genre that is influenced by movies/video games such as The Matrix, Blade Runner & Cyberpunk 2077. You can also call it tech wear. Although the definition of cyberpunk fashion is kind of confusing, people define it as futuristic gothic fashion. Some of the clothing of this genre includes leather jackets, shiny boots, black clothing, and trench coats.

Cyberpunk fashion is popular among the younger generation as they always tend to test and try with tons of different variations. This has lead clothing manufacturers to come up with innovative and unorthodox fashion designs. These clothing are very much unique, and you won’t find such dresses everywhere as well.

Know These When Buying Cyberpunk Fashion.

Let’s take a moment and see what you have to consider when buying cyberpunk fashion outfits.

Know your mission

We know you read this article because you are not a conventional soul. However, to show your mission to the world, the choice of clothing has to be strong. If you want a feel of the Matrix, you have to wear like Matrix, simple as that.


One of the main objectives of cyberpunk fashion is the sleek silhouette. There is nothing wrong with going baggy, but that has to be done in moderation. You should have the guts to show off the shape of your body if you are a real cyberpunk fashion enthusiast. This might sound a bit awkward for some; if you are one of those, you can opt for bomber jackets or cargo pants.

That said, the preference should be given to sleek silhouettes, and there are excellent choices available in the market if you prefer sleek outfits.

Should be flexible

Even though we mentioned that sleek clothing is better than baggy ones, it doesn’t necessarily suggest that you have to sacrifice flexibility for that. Regardless of the fashion genre you like, the clothing you choose must be comfortable to wear. If not, it will have a big say on your confidence, which is an utterly important factor of fashion.

In that sense, it’s imperative to select clothing that is made of flexible materials. As an example, latex or vinyl would be better options to consider, irrespective of your body condition to get maximum flexibility.

What is Cyberpunk Fashion and where to buy them

Vulnerable outlook

This is another unique side of cyberpunk fashion. These clothing options usually blend a vulnerable outlook due to the sleek design and the types of materials. Yes, that is what we all want as cyberpunk fashion enthusiasts, but you should have a good idea about the strength of the materials.

The vulnerability that we talk about here must be just on the outfit, not inside in your head. So, never mind paying additional bucks to get clothes that are made of high-quality materials.

Bold colors

Colors play a vital role, and black is the go-to option of many. The black color clothes add a kind of bold and powerful sense to the outlook. As far as we are concerned, that is the base of cyberpunk fashion. In addition, black doesn’t really represent any kind of a mood, making you a mysterious soul.

However, there are options readily available in white as well. Although white is not the preferred choice for most, it does have what it takes to bring out a high-tech feel to the dresses. That said, you have to be careful when choosing white outfits as it has a tendency to reveal emotions unnecessarily.

Moreover, red and neon colors are perfect to wear in moderation. Also, they go well when combined with black. The bottom line is that the colors you choose must be bold and should be striking.


You might be well-equipped with the best possible dress, but if you don’t put the needed weight on the shades, all the efforts of you will go in vain. Shades give you the badass vibe to the cyberpunk fashion clothes you wear, and they enhance the mysterious outlook. So, invest in a good pair of shades.

We hope now you have a fair idea about Cyberpunk Fashion and things to consider before buying that kind of stuff. If you have more to add to this article, please comment below.

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