Perhaps, high heels are the most popular women accessory in the world, and there are so many valid reasons for it. They do a great job in bringing confidence to the lifestyles, and high heels can give you the much-needed uplift for the overall outfit as well. However, if you are a high heels lover, you would know that wearing those comes with a drawback, which is pain. Let’s discuss how to prevent this and what you should do to wear high heels safely.

How To Wear High Heels Safely Without Pain

How To Wear High Heels Safely Without Pain

Avoid pointy heels

Yes, pointy heels do look cooler and sexier. But, do you want to make yourself uncomfortable and sacrifice comfort in place of outlook? So, we suggest you consider chunky heels in place of pointy ones to reduce the pain. These types of heels provide more area on the surface so that there will be less stress on the ankles and knees.

Most middle-aged women face knee-related issues, and wearing pointy heels for years has the tendency to contribute to this matter. Keep in mind; prevention is always better than cure!

Choose high heels with straps

Even weight distribution is utterly important to wear these shoes for a long period of time, and straps help your feet stay stable. Moreover, they act as an additional layer of safety to minimize the impacts of ankle twists. In fact, ankle twists are part and parcel of the game, and it’s a no-brainer explaining the pain of such accidents.

Yes, straps do provide safety and comfort for your feet; so, why not?

The shape of the toe matters

One thing you would hear frequently is that to avoid pointy toes to minimize the pain on the toes in particular. However, there is another factor to consider other than the pointy toe; the vamp of the shoe. If you wear shoes with a vamp close to the toes, you will end up with pains around the toes. Hence, the preferred shoe must have a vamp above the typical irritation zone to avoid this annoying pain.

Further, the leather insoles also play a vital role in this regard as they have the ability to mold according to the shape of your feet.

How to Wear High Heels Properly. New Must Read Article for High Heel Enthusiasts

Shorter heels are better

We know most of you want the heel of your shoe to be as high as possible. But, higher heels increase the pressure on the joints such as the ankle and knees. If you really want to wear heels that are higher than three inches, it is advisable to limit the usage whenever possible. According to fashion experts, the ideal limit for a pair of high heels is less than three inches.

Consider using special insoles

There are special high heel insole products available in the market to prevent your foot from sliding forward inside the shoe. These insoles are super helpful in reducing the pain on the toes. Typically these insoles are made of fabric or silicone, and if you happen to wear open-toe shoes, the silicone option would be better as they are sort of invisible on foot.

Powder and cream

If you feel the shoe is tight on your foot, you can use hydrating cream to avoid blisters that happen due to painful rubbings. Also, you can use baby powder on foot, especially when wearing new shoes. Using powder will help you handle sweating problems, as moisture inside the shoe can lead to unexpected slips and injuries.

Limit wearing high heels

This is not a tip you expected to read, isn’t it? But limiting the habit of wearing high heels will help you in the long run. There are certain tactics you can implement if you really want to wear high heels. As an example, you can wear an ordinary type of flat-heel shoe until you reach the function or the wedding to limit the time you wear the high heels.

Also, you can opt for comfortable footwear one or two days a week for the workplace if you are an everyday high heels wearer. Moreover, remove the shoes when the situation permits to provide your feet a breathing space. Long story short, we recommend you minimize the usage of high heels as much as possible to prevent foot injuries and pain.

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The above facts about How to Wear High Heels Safely would be helpful for you. So, always keep in mind that safety is first and then think about your fashion.

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High heels are one of the premier go-to choices of women all around the world, and they tend to catch the eye far better than the other type of shoes. However, pain on the feet is a very common issue that most wearers face, and it can bring some long-lasting injuries as well. If you are a frequent user of high heels, we are confident that our tips will help you in more ways than one. Before we say adios, feel free to add your insights to the article via a comment. Cheers!

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