Planting grass seed is a process that involves time, effort, and money. All in all, you must consider it an investment, and you should know exactly what you are doing to get the maximum out of it. Getting adequate knowledge about a subject that you are going to work on is really important. In that sense, it is imperative to know when to plant grass seed. Yes, this article is all about this topic.

Why is Timing Important?

Planting time has a big say in the growth of the grass. You must understand that the weather conditions should support the natural periods of growth of the seeds. It is more or less the same as other plants in your garden; if you don’t facilitate proper conditions to the plants, they won’t provide you with the return on investment that you expect.

When it comes to grass, there are two major variants; cool-season grasses and warm-season grasses. The answer to when to plant grass seed must be determined based on the type of grass you intend to grow, whether it is a cool-season variant or warm-season one.

Before we teach you when to plant grass seed, considering the season, we thought it would be ideal for letting you know some of the commonly found grasses from the two main variants.

Cool-season grass variants.

Here are some of the popular cool-season grass sorts.

  • Kentucky Bluegrass
  • Perennial Ryegrass
  • Fine Fescue
  • Tall Fescue

Warm-season grass variants.

Here are some of the popular warm-season grass sorts.

  • Bermuda Grass
  • Bahiagrass
  • Zoysia Grass
  • Centipede Grass
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When to plant grass seed based on the season.

OK, then, let’s dive into the section of the article that matters the most. In order for you to understand, we are considering each season and how you should plant grass seed accordingly.

Fall Season

When to plant cool-season grass seeds in fall?

Talking about the cool-season grass seed, fall is the best time you can think of to plant. It really doesn’t matter the part you live in the country if you plant grass seed in fall. However, given you are living above the transition zone, our recommendation would be to plant cool-season grass seed from the latter part of the month of August to the start of October. For those who live south side, the time gets a wee bit extended as you have the luxury of planting seeds until the end of October.

When to plant warm-season grass seeds in fall?

It is completely the opposite for warm-season grass seed as fall doesn’t provide the ideal conditions for this variant. We say this because warm-season grass seed doesn’t get the needed time to germinate in the fall before the unforgiving winter weather conditions arrive. Yes, some grass types may get the time to germinate during fall, but they will find it difficult to survive in winter.

Winter Season

Irrespective of the type, you should never try to plant grass seed during the winter season. You just can’t expect grass to grow in winter as the weather conditions don’t permit the required background for the plants.

Spring Season

When to plant cool-season grass seeds in spring?

Although spring is not the best time to plant cool grass seeds compared to fall, most grass sorts have the tendency to grow without much of a problem in spring. Most people prefer from the start of April to mid-May for cool-season grass seed.

When to plant warm-season grass seeds in spring?

If you are planning to plant warm grass seed in spring, your grass will love your decision. Spring is the best time for warm grass seed. Concerning the time, it would be best if you choose the month of May to plant the seed. However, it’s your duty to provide sufficient water for grass to germinate before the scorching sun of summer.

When to plant grass seed based on the season
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Summer Season

When to plant cool-season grass seeds in summer?

Summer is not the best time for cool-season grass seed. Simply because the grass will be dormant during this time of the year; however, there is a slim window available for those who live far up North.

When to plant warm-season grass seeds in summer?

It’s the same with warm-season grass seed as well. The summer heat won’t justify your thought of planting the seed. That said, if you can provide adequate irrigation, things might get slightly positive. But, it is not advisable to plant grass seeds in summer.

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Conclusion on When to Plant Grass Seed.

We are confident that you got everything you need in terms of when to plant grass seed. If you see any confusing spots in the article, shoot us a message, we will answer you as soon as possible. Have a great day!

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