Bedroom décor is something that is evolving each and every day. Having an aesthetic bedroom is very important because we spent nearly half of our lives in bedrooms. If you are thinking of how to make the most out of the available space and to make your bedroom an attractive place, a floating bed frame can be a great option that you can implement without much of a fuss. Yes, today’s article is about floating bed frames. Let’s get started.

What is a Floating Bed Frame?

As the name suggests by itself, a floating bed frame is a bed frame that provides the appearance or the illusion of floating above the floor of your bedroom because of its tactical leg placements. A floating bed frame has legs to the middle of the frame bringing an appearance like floating. In fact, this is the main reason why it is called a “floating bed frame.”

However, considering the sleeping comfort and how the mattress is placed on the bed is very much similar to orthodox beds. As we mentioned in the beginning, most beds get attached to the wall saving precious space in your bedroom.

Talking about the materials, we recommend floating bed frames that are made of wood rather than plastic, steel, or other material sorts. Because wooden frames are more durable and pliable compared to other versions and you can get these types of bed at various price slabs depending on the features.

Factors to consider for the best floating bed frame.

We think you are reading this article because you are thinking of owning a floating bed frame. So, we thought it would help you if we include some important factors that you should look at before you make up your mind to buy a product. Here they are.

Factors to consider for the best floating bed frame


Talking about floating beds, you just can’t ignore the importance of the mattress. Mattresses are not cheap; so, if you have a high-quality mattress with you, we think it would be a better idea to purchase a floating bed frame that can match the specifications of the mattress you have. It definitely helps you save a considerable amount of money and saves space as well.

However, not all mattresses are compatible with all bed types, and floating beds usually come in limited sizes. So, you must have a fair knowledge about the size of the mattress as well as the floating bed frame before you come to a conclusion.

Another important factor is that some mattress brands only cover certain types of beds in their warranty. It is essential to read the warranty to see whether the manufacturer allows you to use the mattress with floating bed frames. If not, you won’t be able to reach the brand if something goes wrong with the mattress.


You have to understand that floating bed frames permit only a certain amount of weight on the bed. You definitely don’t want to overload the frame if you think about the safety of the occupants and the bed itself. Floating beds are not ideal for those who have kids with a habit of jumping on the bed! In addition, obviously, there will be a significant amount of weight coming from the mattress as well. So, keep this in mind to avoid post-purchase disappointments.

Storing Space

One main benefit of floating bed frames is that you get entire space underneath the bed to store your stuff. However, the height of the bed won’t facilitate sufficient space for bigger objects. In that sense, if you are dealing with small bedroom space, you would want to reconsider the type of frame to get the most out of the space underneath the bed.

Ease of Movements

Keep in mind that floating bed frames are not easy to move from one place to another. If you are a person who frequently changes the place of your bed, a floating frame won’t be the best choice for you.

Floating Bed - Wall Panel Bedroom Apartment Bed

Pros of a Floating Bed Frame.

  • These types of bed frames grant you the cushion of substantial storing space underneath the bed. If you have a small bedroom space, having a floating bed frame can come in handy as an added storage place.
  • You don’t have to put much effort into cleaning the area and under the bed compared to most regular beds.
  • Most of them have contemporary features such as lights under the bed and secondary platforms. This will help you bring an aesthetic look to your bedroom.
  • You will get more opportunities to bring more accessories to your bedroom as floating bed frames use a minimal amount of space than conventional beds.

Cons of a Floating Bed Frame.

  • One of the biggest drawbacks of these bed frames is that they usually come with low-profile structures making getting in and out of bed challenging, particularly for elderly people.
  • You can’t put more weight on the bed as you do with normal bed types. Also, they are considered not ideal for families that have small kids.
  • There are only limited sizes available for you to pick. Finding a custom-size floating bed frame is not easy, and you will have to stick with available products rather than having one to match your intentions.
  • Getting used to sleeping on floating beds isn’t the easiest. It brings a kind of an edgy feel as you see no support around the bed. This can impact the quality of sleep and hamper the sleep-wake cycle, especially in the beginning.
  • Another significant complaint that most previous users had is that these bed frames are not durable. The longevity of a floating bed is decided by the quality of the frame, and the cheaper products, in particular, won’t last the time you expect them to be.

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Even though there are certain cons attached to floating bed frames, you just can’t ignore how beautiful and useful these bed frames are. We think now you have enough facts with you to make a decision on whether to buy a floating bed frame or not. Please comment below if you have anything to share with the world in this regard. Cheers!

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