Are you a bald guy with a beard? Then this article will be interesting for you. If you are looking to grow a natural beard to compliment your look, you are in luck! The beard has come back big. More than ever, even Rockstars and celebrities are growing beards. By doing so, you will balance your face and draw away any unwanted attention that you think will get you out of your sphere!

Top 4 Beard Styles to Match a Bald Head with a Beard.

Beard Stubble

Top 4 Beard Styles to Match a Bald Head with a Beard. Bald with Beard - Pensive handsome Beard Stubble guy on stool in apartment
Photo by Milad Heran from Pexels

The effortless and most convenient way to grow facial hair is to start with a straw. Put the razor down for a week or two, depending on how fast you grow facial hair. Once you find the length you like, invest in a shaver and keep it clean and maintain this beard style.

Disconnected Beard Style

Disconnected Beard Style Man Portrait Model Shades Sunglasses Fashion - Top Beard Styles to Match a Bald Head with a Beard. Why do Men go Bald
Image by silvia anton from Pixabay

This style may require good maintenance but can be a great alternative to a beard style for a unique look! Usually, you keep the mustache and beard and cut or erase both sides. It has a neat and tidy look, and there may be some difference with the thickness of the beard and mustache, and one is more noticeable than the other.

Mutton Chops

Mutton Chops Selfy Guy Bald & Beard Style Man
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It was once an old-fashioned beard style, but it sees a resurgence in popularity. Beard designs can vary, and this style is slightly different from full side bangs that extend to both sides of the cheeks. And the corners of the face without touching your mustache or chin hair. A shaved head with pieces of mutton will make you stand out in a good way.


Bald Beard Dwayne Rock Johnson Goatee Style
Dwayne Johnson | Fast and Furious Movie

There are a few Goatee variations, so we only cover the classic full goatee with a mustache. You can’t go wrong with this look because it will spread from people in business to superheroes. There are a few gooey styles and variations, so this is an excellent choice to rock with a shaved head so you can switch it up once in a while!

Why Do Men Go Bald

Creating the desired shape of your face.

If you have lost hair or have decided to shave your head, this is a great way to create your face’s shape. Sadly, a flat head cannot hide the shape of your head. The good news is, this is where facial hair comes in handy. Mainly, it allows you to adjust your head’s shape and contours to get the desired flat look. For example, if you are thin, side effects and cheekbones add some boldness to your look. So that, before deciding on any particular style, be sure to determine the shape of your natural face.

Create your intellectual and winning look.

The perfect idea for an intelligent look! A shaved head and a smooth beard – this is what you need to achieve your intellectual look. Men with bald heads and beards are psychologically biased towards being seen as dominant leaders, and statistically, they are more likely to succeed. So this will be your winning look when it comes to interviews, business meetings, and negotiations with partners. Add a pair of stunning glasses to complete your winning look.

Determination Vision Man Bald Beard Observing determination Explained Why Do Men Go Bald with Beard Styles Handsome
Image by guihrossi from Pixabay

Finding the right balance.

Having a hairy head tends to cause hair to grow elsewhere, usually becoming a beard or mustache. The latter is a great way to balance the overall look with minimal effort. That is why having a beard with a shaved head is one of the current fashion trends. Fortunately, you can grow a good beard even if you have lost hair. So do not stress about your flat complexion. Add a few hairs on the face and shake it!

Extraordinary and much more attractive appearance.

Another advantage of having a shaved head with a beard is that it looks striking and attractive. It’s no secret that extraordinary characters with quirky personalities always get more attention. Thus, you will proudly stand out from the crowd with this unusual and creative combination and give an extremely attractive, fresh, and up-to-date look. Your new look will be the beginning of a new adventurous life, where you will not miss the attention of women!


No problem with that; having a bald head with a beard is a winning combination that will help you fine-tune your face, redefine contours and hide what you want to hide. But please make sure you choose the right “bearded bald” “The shape of your face, the style you hope to create as well as the style that goes hand in hand with your lifestyle.

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